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Supportiamo operatori e proprietari di infrastrutture nel processo decisionale attraverso la prima soluzione Monitoring as a Service
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Predictive Monitoring for Safe and Efficient Infrastructures
Welcome to Displaid – your ultimate destination for structural monitoring services. Our innovative "turnkey" solution redefines predictive maintenance for infrastructure networks, ensuring simplicity and effectiveness at every step.

Empowering management companies, we provide unparalleled access to precise, real-time insights regarding the health of your assets, thereby optimizing maintenance protocols.Harnessing Displaid's cutting-edge Monitoring as a Service system, fortified by IoT sensors and proprietary AI-driven algorithms, we offer an exceptionally scalable solution that comprehensively covers your entire network.
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Why Displaid?


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Our knowledge of infrastructures and monitoring techniques enables us to interpret the data. We turn this data into accurate information that depicts the health of the different structures. Our engineering skills form the foundation for creating a reliable solution based on a transparent and rigorous application of the scientific method.


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Displaid empowers customers to concentrate on enhancing network management while enjoying prompt, readily applicable information. We shoulder the entire process, spanning from monitoring system design to information transmission. Our user-friendly platform seamlessly integrates with the customer's IT systems, ensuring a smooth experience.


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Displaid takes a groundbreaking approach by focusing on the whole network rather than individual structures, exploiting synergies between assets with similar characteristics. This translates into a flexible and easily replicable solution, which allows for efficient and profitable scalability.

Innovating through research

Displaid was founded with the aim of generating a tangible impact on society through innovation, pushing research to unprecedented heights of excellence.

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