SHM solution
Predictive Monitoring
for Safe and Efficient Infrastructures
shm solution in 4 steps


Through a detailed analysis of the different types of infrastructure to monitor, we identify the most critical structural vulnerabilities to keep under control. According to such studies, we deliver tailor-made monitoring systems to our clients.


We offer complete support in the installation phase of our wireless sensors. These plug-and-play devices operate in an autonomous and reliable way, efficiently collecting, processing and transmitting data.


Thanks to proprietary algorithms, specifically designed for each type of asset, the data is transformed in real-time into key performance indicators representative of the structural health.


An interactive platform, embodying a digital twin of the monitored network, transimts alarms in case of anomalous structural behaviour, allows to to delve into the data and to generate structural health reports.

Sensing nodes that reduce installation time and costs
Displaid's Structural Monitoring System (SHM) collects data through a range of compact and easy-to-install wireless sensors, capable of measuring all the structural variables of interest.Our IoT nodes are "intelligent" devices.

They perform preliminary data analysis through edge-computing algorithms, thus reducing the size of the files transmitted to the central gateway. This proprietary feature ensures extended battery life and minimises the required storage space.

The battery supplies the power necessary for the sensor to function, guaranteeing its autonomy in continuously collecting and transmitting data. Also, it is rechargeable through a solar panel.


The protective case, featuring an ergonomic and resistant design, guarantees the device's durability, protecting the internal components of the sensor from environmental factors such as humidity, dust and atmospheric agents.


The CPU, which represents the vital heart of the sensor, forms the epicentre of innovation within the Displaid node. Thanks to proprietary data management algorithms, the CPU minimises energy consumption, ensuring long operating autonomy.


The solar panel, integrated into the case, powers the sensor in an eco-sustainable way and recharges the battery, reducing the need for replacement interventions.


The transducer, a key component, measures a specific physical quantity (such as inclination or temperature) and converts it into an electrical signal, ready for further processing.

Innovative proprietary algorithms, powered by Artificial Intelligence
Displaid exploits two families of algorithms: the first combines data from heterogeneous sensors - data fusion - and transforms them into structural performance indicators (KPIs), and the second exploits Artificial Intelligence to remove the effects of non-structural variables - data cleaning - increasing KPIs accuracy.

These algorithms have been developed and validated through extensive tests on data from different types of bridges and viaducts for several years, proving effective in the accurate and preventive identification of structural anomalies.

Sensitive and specific damage indicators (KPIs)

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Tailor-made data analysis algorithms have been meticulously crafted for each type of structure, combining data from different sensors to maximise sensitivity to the most critical damage mechanisms. This approach makes it possible to detect anomalies from an early stage, anticipating any maintenance intervention.

Easily scalable on different types of structure

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Characterised by exceptional replicability by design, Displaid algorithms easily apply to assets with similar structural properties, requiring minimal modifications. This feature enables us to extend the monitored network quickly and effectively.

Data Cleaning
with Artificial intelligence

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The damage indicators are treated using Artificial Intelligence algorithms to eliminate the influence of non-structural parameters, such as environmental conditions. These specialised algorithms can interpret complex phenomena, allowing us to obtain accurate information and reduce false alarms, thus improving overall sensitivity.

A simple and intuitive control dashboard
The information synthesised by the algorithms feeds a visualisation dashboard, which gives the infrastructure managers full control over the health of their network in real-time. In the event of anomalous structural behaviour or failures in the monitoring system, the platform is programmed to send customised notifications and alarms.

Displaid dashboard is designed to contain all the information of interest to the network. It allows the user to generate reports and digitalise files and documents, thus effectively constituting an intuitive digital twin of the entire infrastructural network.
Information in real-time

Displaid dashboard provides a constantly updated overview of the monitored infrastructure's health. Any anomalies or significant phenomena of structural interest are promptly detected thanks to the real-time visualisation of the insights extracted from the data. This feature ensures an immediate understanding of network conditions, allowing for a quick and appropriate response in case of emergencies or structural problems.

Monitoring of the entire network

Our platform is designed to manage the monitoring of a numerous ensemble of structures easily. Using a single tool, the customer can access the detailed data of a single structure, but also keep the entire network under control through its digital twin. This feature simplifies management and facilitates the planning of interventions, thanks to an overview of the structural performance of the network elements.

Intuitive visualisation

Featuring an intuitive user interface, our dashboard offers a clear and understandable view of the information processed by the monitoring systems. Thanks to a digital reproduction of the network, materialised in interactive graphs and performance indicators, users have easy access to all the information they need without dealing with data analysis, which is demanding in terms of time and technical skills.

Notifications and alarms

Displaid dashboard keeps the customer informed 24h, thanks to a system of notifications and customisable alarms set on threshold values established in collaboration with the infrastructure manager. In case of detection of potentially dangerous conditions, the users in charge receive instant alerts via email and automatic messages. This feature allows for proactive and preventive management of critical issues, enabling prompt action to mitigate risks and ensure infrastructure safety.


Reduction of monitoring and maintenance costs

Greater efficiency and resilience of the network

Reliable, quantitative and immediate information

Monitoring as a Service integrated on all phases

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